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Mother, translator, and thirty-something, Caroline has always loved the French language and languages in general. It was therefore only natural that she would be drawn to Translation Studies at the Brussels “Institut supérieur de traducteurs et interprètes” (Higher institute of translators and interpreters), English-Dutch option.

After her graduation, Caroline worked for ten years in three Brussels translation agencies, in which she not only refined her translation technique, but also learned to review and manage projects (multilingual), work in a team and under pressure, and even train future translators. With all these skills under her belt she took the step in 2016 to set up her own agency and concentrate on the aspect of her work which fascinates her the most: translation.

This was how Wordista was created!

At the same time, Caroline has been actively contributing to the development of an application called LSP.expert (www.lsp.expert). Aimed at freelance translators, this tool enables translation projects to be managed and invoices and reports generated in just a few clicks.

Caroline offers translation, revision, editing and localisation from English and Dutch into French. Charming and industrious, she will always make it a point of honour to respect your wishes, your deadlines and your terminology.